As American politics heat up, so do ours. June signals the end of our political year, and Board Officer positions are officially up for grabs.  As a reminder, here is our current Board:

President:  Don Nelson (departing)

Vice President:  Beth Moyes

Treasurer:  Mary Ann Nelson (departing)

Recording Sect:  [vacant]

Corresponding Sect:  Rick MacKenzie

Members at Large:

   Mark Bell, Taz Davis, Dr. Dedra Ling,

   Gerda Kalb, Mike Higgins

     Don and Mary Ann will be stepping down, taking a VERY well-earned break, and leaving some enormous shoes to fill.  The club will need people to get into the front line of how it all happens.  

     Nominations and, especially, self-nominations (they tend to be more reliable) can be made via email to, or just tell us on Wednesday at Dante’s.  Duties include monthly meetings (first Wednesday of every month, 5:30, site always TBA) and whatever happens to be on the list for the upcoming races.

     The club is for you, our members, so don’t hesitate to take ownership in it and help us all enjoy the Keys running scene.


Still lots going on, in and outside of the club.  Please volunteer at races you are not running.

Saturday 4/9, 7:00 AM

Seven Mile Bridge Run (full)

Saturday 4/16, 8:00 AM.

Earth Day 5K Run, McCoy Indigenous Park

Call 305-293-1881

Online registration

PDF entry form

Thursday 4/28, 7:00 PM.

Duval Street Mile, 1300 block start

Official Event of the Conch Republic Celebration

RunSignUp online registration

Saturday 4/30, 8:00 AM

Mariner’s March 5K, Basilica School

Truman Avenue, Key West

RunSignUp online registration

Other Races:

March 19, FKCC Sprint Triathlon

March 20, Irish Kevins 5K        


    We’ve all been very busy doing all the stuff that it takes to put on all these races, so we don’t always get around to doing everything we plan on doing.

     For instance, I really wanted to get a KWSR

Team together for the Keys 100 next month.  I don’t know who would have been on it, who would have been the support person, and how well we would have done, but I thought that we, as the preeminent running club in the Keys, should’ve had a team a carrying the flag.  Next year, I guess.

     That said, we do have an event in late April that also has a team aspect, and it would be great to get strong KWSR representation.  

     The Duval Street Mile offers 10 categories for 3-person teams:  

> Family Fun:  

   same family

> Social Squad:  

   3 buddies

> Protect & Serve:  


> Food & Beverage

   Bar and restaurant staff

> Hospitality & Tourism

   Hotels, boats, HTA…

> Health & Fitness

   Gyms, sports teams…

> Educators

   Teachers, admin, staff, coaches…

> Bizniz World

   co-workers from same office or company
> HS Students

   grades 9-12, clubs, teams, classes
> MS & Elementary School Students.

   anyone under ninth grade.  

     Teams compete within their category and against the field in general.  AND each category recognizes male, female, and mixed teams.

     Full descriptions can be found on the race web site:

     This is not a relay race; everyone runs the full mile and the teams are scored cross country style:  by place, with low score winning.  It would be great to see several KWSR teams in the thick of it.

     So, check out the categories, recruit a couple of friends, family members, co-workers, classmates, or whatever, and sign up!

     If you can’t come up with enough, drop us a line at and we’ll help stitch some teams together.

     (Shirt design is pretty cool, too.)


    Ed Clarke and Joan Scholz both took sole possession of first place with strong Zonta races, widened their leads through the December and January races, and held on for the win.     Joel Zaila gave Ed a scare, pulling within four points with a couple of 10-pointers that could have become 16s or 20s, was unable to get to the final two races.

    Kelly Maatta spread her races evenly across the season, and used two good scores in her last two to seal the runner-up spot.  Deb Holtom, quite likely our only Canadian member, arrived on the scene in January and quickly made waves by posting three Masters wins. She did claim the Masters title, though.  Katie Leigh stayed close in case the others faltered, but, unfortunately for her, they did not.


The Age Group Winners:

Teens:  Jane Welzien / Joel Zaila

20s:  Priscilla Weeks / Keith Durden

30s:  Kelly Maatta / Nathan Landrum

40s:  Katie Leigh / Ed Clarke

50s:  Joan Scholz / Eric Mealus

60s:  Deborah Holtom / Anthony Farretta

70s:  Pat Kersey / Roger Fisher

80s:  (none) / Terry Daughtry

Volunteer Point Winners:

Female:  Haley Herriott

Male:  Dennis Gormley

Congrats one and all!!

The GP Committee is currently hammering out the details of the upcoming Summer Season.  We’d be open to suggestions, probably.  Worth a try.

April 4, 2016


Recognition, adulation, and awards (well, maybe not adulation) will be bestowed upon all of our Grand Prix winners at our April Gathering, which will be on the first Wednesday of the month, as always:

When:  Wednesday 4/6, 6:30 PM

Where:  Dante’s

        951 Caroline Street

        Conch Harbor

There will be a KWSR BOD meeting from 5:30-6:30.  Anyone can attend.

At 6:30, we’ll turn our attention to more social matters, order up some apps and some bevs, and get ready to present our Grand Prix with their hard-earned rewards.