The 1st KWSR Social of 2017

Wednesday, January 4

Thai Island Restaurant

Palm Avenue, Key West

(Official address is 711 Eisenhower)


              5:30  BOD meeting

              6:00  Group Run

              6:30  Food!

              7:00  Trivia Contest

In the past, doing the Group Run meant

You missed out on the first wave of food.

Now, if you go for your 5K (or so) jaunt at

6:00, you’ll be right on time for the victuals!

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KWSR Grand Prix 2017?

It’s in your hands

   We need a new Grand Poobah to take over this season-long event. I did it for several seasons a decade or so ago, and worked with Mark Bell on it for the past couple of seasons.  Mark revived it and I assisted him in revving it back up.  He has stepped down, and we all thank and hail him for his efforts.

   Mark did all the results-digging for the past two years.  He mined all the numbers and I just put the nice tidy chart online and on a poster-board.  But even that involved more time than I have available now, so taking it all on is just not possible.

   The Grand Prix a good event. It helps us all to be aware of who our club-mates are. It stirs up some lively competition and camaraderie. It gives back to the membership through prizes and recognition. I think it -- or something like it -- is essential to having a vital and spirited running club.

   But if it’s going to continue, someone else is going to have to take it over.  It's going to have to be someone else's turn.

   So you’ll know what you’re getting into, here's what being the Grand Prix Grand Poobah entails:

> Choose the schedule, select the races.

  KWSR supported races are preferred, naturally.

> Choose a point system. Continue with the current   one, if you like. It's worked very well.

> After each GP race:

   > Scan through the results, line-by-line, and      pick out the KWSR members

   > Assign the correct points to all of them

   > Add those names and points to your Season      Standings chart.  (We already have an Excel      spreadsheet that totals them up for you.)

   > Publish the updated standings on the club      web site.

> That's all there is to it.


   Now, before you say, "That's easy!" like Sir Robin at the Bridge of Death in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, look over last season’s GP final standings.

   There were about 80 names on that chart. You’ll have to get so that you recognize them all.  If you miss someone, you'll hear about it, and, if it was a high-placer, you'll have to re-compute all your totals.

   Also, there are age groups to aggregate, new members to assimilate, expired members to eradicate, and controversies to ejudicate(i.e., when someone has a birthday and jumps to a new AG, what happens to their points from their old AG?  Hmm?  Hmmmm?)

   The Grand Prix Grand Poobah is a job that requires enthusiasm for the task, a passion for stats, and a good eye for detail. If you have all that, you'll actually enjoy doing it.

   If any among you feel like taking this on, please step forward.  Otherwise, we will not have a GP season.  Drop me a line at if you have any interest or questions.


Founders Park 5K Glow Run

Friday 12/30, 7 PM

Founders Park, Islamorada

Key West Half Marathon and 5K, by BW Promotions

Sunday 1/15, 7 AM

Lower Keys DAS No Name Key 5K**

Saturday 1/28, 8 AM

PDF Entry form

Buddy Pass 5K, by Theme Runs

Sunday 2/5, 8 AM

Christina's Courage 5K

Saturday 2/11, 8 AM

MCSO HQ, Stock Island

** = Word was going around that No Name 5K would be a virtual race this year:  run a 5K on that date -- somewhere, anywhere -- submit your time, and they’d send you a prize if you deserve one. However, the link above is posted on their web site. Contact Lower Keys DAS for more info.

As always, volunteers are needed to make these races happen.  If you can lend a hand at any of the blue events, please contact Don (305-304-0091) and let him know.


  Looking for some company on your morning runs? Need some impetus to take that first yawny step out of bed and into your running shoes?

  Join the FEW, the PROUD, the MORNING RUN group. Every Tuesday and Thursday beginning promptly at 6:00 AM from White Street Pier (AKA Edward Knight Pier) for 3-5 friendly miles.