KWSR March Social

Wednesday, 1 March 2016

6:30 pm

(5:30 BOD meeting)

Indigenous Park

White & Atlantic, Key West

Pizza, Beverages, Fun & Games

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New Poobah Takes the Helm

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Summerlander Dave Whetzel, who has offered to give it a go as the new Grand Prix Grand Poobah.  He’s a self-described “stat man”, and is rarin’ to go.

As such, our KWSR Vernal (Spring) Season will commence this coming Saturday, March 4, in Marathon, at the Sombrero Beach Run 5K.  Only the 5K will score.  The schedule looks like this:

3/04  Sombrero 5K, Marathon

3/11  Menendez Miler 5K, Higgs Beach, Key West

3/18  Run With Deer 5K, Big Pine Key

4/15  Earth Day 5K, Indigenous Park, KW

4/27  Duval Street Mile, Key West

4/29  Mariners March 5K, Basicila School, KW

5/13  PAL 5K, Bayview Park, Key West

5/25  Seminole 5K, Higgs Beach, Key West

The scoring system remains mostly the same, with points based on your place in your age group (AG):  10 for 1st, then 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-1... Overall race winner gets 20, top Master gets 15.

We’ll take a Summer Siesta and have an Autumnal Season in the Fall.  Or maybe we’ll have a Fall Season in the Autumn.  We’ll decide that later.

The GP scoring chart will be posted after 2, maybe 3 races, to give Dave a chance to get his ducks in a row.  

So, rev up your racing shoes and get ready to rumble.  The Grand Prix is ON.

is back!

No need for that temporary URL any more.

Rip it up!


Sat 3/04:  Sombrero Beach Run 5K & 10K


           8 AM

Sat 3/11:  Menendez Miler 5K

           Salute, Atlantic Avenue, KW

           8 AM

Sat 3/18:  FAVOR Run With The Deer 5K

           Big Pine Key

           8 AM

Registration forms and links are on the KWSR website.  (See link, above.)


For Members Only

Club uniforms and shirts, along with whatever visors and hats are still in supply, will be available for purchase after most of the GP races this Spring.  First 2, for sure.  

The white T’s and tie-dyed shirts are for the world.  Feel free to buy as many as you want for relatives and friends.  Heck, buy them for enemies and strangers too.  

BUT, the neon yellow singlets (see photo, right) are for us club members ONLY!  They are intended as our club racing uniform.  They are a way of identifying ourselves among the throng.  Anyone who covets one can join the club and we will happily sell them one.  Several have done so.

But, please, no “buying one for a friend.”  And no gifting, and no buying for your wife or kids unless you have a family membership.  This is a special shirt only for us special people.  The phrase “club members only” does not mean that only KWSR members can buy one; it means that only KWSR members can own one.

That particular New Balance singlet is now a discontinued item that our vendor is sold out of.  Local Awards & Engraving has a modest back-up supply -– enough to last the season or even the year, provided we keep them, as intended, exclusively for our own use.

So, wear it with pride.  You have something nobody else has!


The weather was perfect and the times were fast.  More than 400 runners and walkers took part.  Joel Zaila came down to test his fitness as he preps for the first-ever Marathon HS Track season.  He came away with his first-ever sub-17 5K, winning comfortably in 16:58.

Ed Clarke continued his domination of the Masters scene, clocking an impressive 18:43 for second place overall.

A sound “Attaboy!” to both, but the two words that ring out from this race are:  Priscilla Weeks!  18:50!!  Motherhood clearly agrees with her because she was storming.  Locked in a race with a Michigan high school phenom, Priscilla defended her home turf with tenacity.  They came past the 2M mark shoulder-to-shoulder like they were finishing a 2M race.  Her last local 5K (Hog’s Breath) was a 20:29, so this is an astounding leap.  

It is a prime example that you don’t run for time, you race for place.  If you run a focused and determined race, the time will come.  (Yes, assuming you’ve done the training.) Bravo, bravo, Mrs. Weeks!  

Oh, yes, and Haley Herriott, now 70 years young, continued to break 30 (29:53).  The woman was just born to run.

Full race results and photos can be found on the KWSR web site.


Allen Smashes KWHS 1600 Record

Owen Allen kicked off the 2017 KWHS T&F season with an impressive stomping of the school’s 1600 Meter record.  Everett Wagner’s 2015 mark of 4:39.83 was no match for Owen’s ground-eating stride, as the lanky sophomore raced to a powerful 4:33.94 while taking third place in a strong field at the Big Blue Invitational in Fort Lauderdale on 2/25. [video]

The Conchs’ Nicole Matysik also impressed, running to a wide winning margin in the 3200 Meters.  Her 11:52.21 time smashed the school’s Sophomore Record in that event, bumping Jane Welzien’s 12:33.32 off that esteemed list.  Only

Nicole’s own School Record of 11:07.04, run at Regionals last year, is better in KWHS annals. [video]

The Conchs’ first home meet of the year will be next Tuesday, March 7, at 3:00 PM.  Coral Shores and Marathon will be in town for the what is the de facto Monroe County Championship Meet.  

Expect a salvo of School Records from the MHS Dolphins, as this will be the first T&F meet in school history.

Admission is free.  Come out and cheer on the Keys’ best young runners.

Follow the season along on the link on the KWSR web page or on the Duval Street Mile web page.


KWSR Shifting Direction

Club elections for our Board Of Directors are coming up in May. We are going to have a couple of very significant positions to fill.  With demand for our race management services diminishing, and only a small core of members interesting in the nuts and bolts of hosting races, KWSR’s focus is shifting and fresh minds on the Board can help steer us where you all want us to be.

Our President, Mary Ann Nelson, and our Treasurer, Don Nelson, are stepping down after a couple of centuries on the Board. They have given more than anyone could ever rightfully expect and have kept this club afloat and on task for a long, long time.  No one deserves a break more.

Their shoes are unfillable, so don't sweat trying to fill them.  It's not those particular offices that we need to fill anyway.   

We take nominations -- often self-nominations -- to be "on the Board".  Once we have our 7-8 people, we sort out amongst ourselves who might be the best fit for what.

Here's what (and currently who) makes up our Board:

> President:  Mary Ann Nelson *

> Vice President:  Dr. Dedra Ling

> Treasurer:  Don Nelson *

> Recording Secretary:  Chelsea Stamy

> Corresponding Secretary:  Rick MacKenzie

> Member At-Large:  Mike Higgins

> Member At-Large:  Mark Bell

> Member At-Large:  Gerda Kalb

  * = stepping down on 5/31

We know about Mary Ann and Don.  I'm not certain about all the others.  There might be one or two more.  I'll update you in a month. Bottom line to all of it, though, is that we will need to have a couple/few people who enjoy being involved in making something go.  

The biggest thing to take note of is that we are no longer in the business of managing 17 races per year.  It was fantastic that we did, both for club notoriety and for the club treasury (and those subsequent donations KWHS XCTF), but that has scaled way way waaaay back.  Theme Runs has become Plan A for most races.  Their chip timing system is certainly one reason why races are steering their way.  

[People have asked, "Why don't we get a chip system?"  Well, we could have.  Definitely.  We could have afforded a pretty good one too.  But the questions were many:  Who will operate it?  Who will do all that data entry that still needs to be done?  Who will lug those huge heavy mats to and from the race?   And who will store them?  If your gut reaction to any of those questions was, "Don will," then maaaaybe you’re beginning to see the problem.]

Don is rightfully proud of the fact that KWSR provided an affordable way for smaller groups to be able to stage fundraising events.  We still have some small races on our Race Management calendar, but the load has been considerably lightened, which means the daunting task of recruiting volunteers is considerably lightened as well.  When you only have a fewer events, people tend to be much more inclined to lend a hand.

So, with fewer races to “run”, maybe we can put more of our focus on the races we actually run.  In our island universe here, with no clubs to run against, having the GP re-upped is huge.  It gives a sense of “club” that we’d sorely miss.  It would be great to see official, uniformed KWSR teams in any team-related events, like the Keys 100 and the Duval Street Mile.  Lacking a team Coach, maybe someone can step up and serve as Race Team Coordinator?  More on that later, I suppose.

The Nelsons are not leaving the area.  They will still be around. Don will still be our liaison with Road Runners Club of America.  He may even work a race here and there, and he'll probably handle the web site, as well. (I'm not expecting to see MA anywhere near the Time Machine anytime soon, though. Ha.  It’s no secret that she has had her fill of finish lines for a while.)

Think about the positions listed above.  Email me if you'd like to know what each one is actually expected to do.  We'll definitely be in need.  

So, to paraphrase a former President: Ask not what your running club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club.  

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