Team Entry Fee:  Adults $69 / Students $48

   3-person teams, male, female, or mixed

Team Entry Deadline

Wednesday 4/25/18, 11:59 PM

No team entries accepted on race day!

Team entry can also be done on RunSignUp, but only thru 4/25

*** This is NOT a relay!  All 3 team members run the full mile,

and team scores are decided by your places in the race.

(see example below)


Represent your business, your organization, your club,

or just your circle of friends

Set up grudge matches and team challenges.  Taunt your friends!

Clever names, uniforms and/or outrageous outfits encouraged!!

Get crazy for KW’s craziest street (no nakies allowed, so not THAT crazy)


Team Prizes in a Variety of Categories:

F&B:  Restaurants & Bars employees  

Tourism/Hospitality:  Hotels, motels, guest houses, services, ships, water sports

Protect & Serve:  Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders

Biznizz World:  wholesale and retail businesses, offices, professionals

Health & Fitness:  gyms and fitness centers, medical

Family Fun:  members of the same family

Social Squad:  organizations, clubs, or just 3 friends with a catchy team name

Students, High School:  teams, classes, clubs

Students, MS/Elementary:  clubs, teams, classes, activities

Educators:  teachers, instructors, school staff, coaches


Awards to Top Teams -- all 3 members -- in all categories.


**** Teams MUST enter before race day. ****



Team scoring will be done by place, cross-country style:

Your place = your points.  

1st = 1 point

33rd = 33 points

87th = 87 points


Total of 3 runners' points = Team Score

the low score wins


       Wombats:    15th, 35th, 38th = 88 points

       Gnus:            9th, 21st, 59th = 89 points

       Wildebeests:  1st,  7th, 82nd = 90 points

     Wombats win!!!

 The Wildebeests prove the old adage, " You're only as good as your third runner."

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